Audit Service Provider Accreditation

The Center for Offshore Safety accredits Audit Service Providers to audit offshore operators' Safety and Environmental Management Systems.

Audit Service Providers

The Center for Offshore Safety (COS) is recognized by the federal government under BSEE regulations to accredit Audit Service Providers (ASP). The accredited ASP audits an offshore operator’s Safety and Environmental Management System (SEMS) to evaluate implementation and conformance with API Recommended Practice 75, which is incorporated into the BSEE regulatory requirements.

Becoming an ASP

COS operates its Accreditation Program in conformance with its Accreditation Quality Policy, its Accreditation Management System Manual, and ISO 17011, Conformity Assessment - General requirements for accreditation bodies accrediting conformity assessment bodies. The Accreditation Program assures that all accreditation decisions are made by an independent, impartial panel of experts.

ASP go through an application process to assure that they have a SEMS Auditing Management System that conforms with COS requirements and ISO 17021, Conformity Assessment. Applicants that demonstrate effective use of their management system through a COS Assessment are granted Provisional Accreditation. COS then witnesses the organization when they perform a SEMS audit. Upon successful completion of the application, office assessment, witness assessment and resolution of any nonconformities, an independent Accreditation Review Panel makes the decision of whether to grant accreditation for a 3-year period. ASP are subject to surveillance assessments and must re-apply for accreditation at least 6 months before expiration of their accreditation.

Additional information about the process for becoming a COS-accredited ASP can be found here:

COS Recognized as BSEE Accreditation Body

30 CFR 250.1920 and 1921 state in part that a “…SEMS program must be audited by an accredited ASP…” and “The ASP must be accredited by a BSEE-approved AB” (Accreditation Body). COS' Accreditation Program for SEMS ASP that has been recognized by the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) as an Accreditation Body (AB) under 30 CFR 250.1922. For more information, see the BSEE SEMS Program.

Other SEMS Auditing Resources

Find a COS-accredited Audit Service Provider

COS provides a list of COS-accredited companies that are authorized by BSEE to conduct SEMS audits, and to issue SEMS certificates.