Audit Information

To support its mission, the Center for Offshore Safety (COS) has developed a strategy for promoting safety and protection of the environment. This strategy includes accreditation of organizations (Audit Service Providers) determined to be qualified to provide third-party audits of Safety and Environmental Management Systems according to COS requirements. COS requirements for Audit Service Providers, audit teams, audit team leaders, auditors, and the audits can be found here:

Audit Service Providers (ASP)

A List of COS-accredited ASP can be found here:

·      Accredited Audit Service Providers

SEMS Certificate

COS members demonstrate their commitment to safety and environmental performance by having their SEMS audited by an accredited third-party ASP and taking appropriate corrective action. COS procedures for Auditing and Certification (COS-2-03) define how an ASP audits an organization's SEMS and determines when a certificate can be issued. Organizations that have received a certificate from COS and their ASP are found at: