BSEE Director Brian Salerno Provides Closing Address at 3rd Annual COS Safety Forum

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HOUSTON, TX - 13 October 2015 –

BSEE Director Brian Salerno Provides Closing Address at 3rd Annual COS Safety Forum

The third annual COS Forum was held September 22 and 23, in Houston, TX and BSEE Director Brian Salerno gave the closing remarks.  He commented on COS’ data collection efforts and the recently published 2015 COS Annual Performance Report (APR)

Salerno noted, “One of the first findings listed by the COS report is that “No fatalities or loss of well control incidents were reported by COS participating members in 2013.” Yet the BSEE data shows that there were three fatalities and eight loss of well control incidents on the OCS that year. The disparity in numbers demonstrates that the COS membership is comprised of companies that have made a real commitment to safety. It makes sense that their performance in preventing such incidents would exceed industry norms.”

Based, in part, on the findings in the two COS APR’s, he further outlined a BSEE pilot program for Risk-Based Inspections of Operators working on the Outer Continental Shelf.  The Director suggested that if a COS-member company has been formally certified by a COS Accredited Audit Service Provider (ASP), then BSEE would view that company as having a lower risk of a major safety accident, and therefore subject to a less frequent inspection rate by BSEE.  In essence, COS members are demonstrating improved safety performance through COS programs such as Safety Performance Indicators, Learning from Incidents and SEMS Auditing.

The COS members are pleased to be acknowledged for their safety performance, and appreciate the Director’s recognition and comments,” said COS Executive Director Charlie Williams.

The Director’s remarks relating to COS member performance vs. non-member performance were in-line with the latest comments in his Directors Corner blog on Monday 9/21/2015,

Additional remarks made during the presentation were:

•           BSEE has no current plans for “SEMS 3” legislation

•           BSEE is planning a pilot for a risk-based inspection program

•           Being a COS certified operator could reduce the risk level; [hence a lower inspection rate]

•           Industry should focus on safety because a downturn [in the price of oil] can affect safe operations

•           BSEE is looking for more feedback on the SafeOCS program, along with more participation [volunteers]

•           Director Salerno challenged the audience with the question, “How do we, as an industry, encourage more universal adoption of a safety commitment?”

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