Center for Offshore Safety Executive Director to share Perspective on Industry Efforts to Address Shallow-Water Blowouts - Houston TX

Wednesday March 11, 2015
Houston, Texas

Charlie Williams, Executive Director of the Center for Offshore Safety will convene with other top industry , academic and research experts in a forum for dialogue to discuss “Maintaining a High-level of Focus and Increasing the Safety Culture in Shallow Water Operating Environment” hosted by the Ocean Energy Safety Institute. As an industry expert and pioneer in offshore safety, Mr. Williams will share his and Center for Offshore Safety’s perspectives regarding “Safety and Environmental Management Systems – Key Barrier to Losing Well Control”. He will discuss how the four commonly absent human factor barriers in well control incidents – such as poor communication of risk - can and should be addressed in effective SEMS. The objective of the forum is to identify ways to further enable the Safety Culture on shallow OCS. Other panel members and presenters will include representatives from organizations throughout Industry, Industry Associations, Academia, and the Government..