COS Safety Shares

The Center for Offshore Safety (COS) is designed to promote the highest level of safety for offshore drilling, completions, and operations through leadership and effective management systems addressing communication, teamwork, and independent third-party auditing and certification.  COS enables operational excellence in part by enhancing and continuously improving industry's safety and environmental performance and stimulating cooperation within industry to share industry learnings.

The Learning from Incidents and Events (LFI) Program was established to provide a process for COS members to share and learn from incidents and High Value Learning Events (HVLE) that occur in offshore operations.  Reporting is voluntary and data confidentiality is maintained through a process administered by a 3rd-party before submittal to COS.

The COS Safety Shares presented here represent the commitment of COS to its mission of promoting safe operations by sharing industry knowledge.  

NOTICE: The information presented in these documents is based on data voluntarily reported by Operators and Contractors operating in the United States.  Although COS reviews reported data to identify internal inconsistencies and unusual period-to-period changes, COS is reproducing these reports without change and COS is not able to verify the accuracy of reported data.  COS, API, and any of their employees, subcontractors, consultants, or other assigns make no warranty or representation, either express or implied, with respect to the accuracy, completeness, or utility of the information contained herein, or assume any liability or responsibility for any use, or the results of such use, of any information or process disclosed in this publication, or represent that its use would not infringe upon privately owned rights.  API is not undertaking to meet the duties of employers, manufacturers, or suppliers to warn and properly train and equip their employees, and others exposed, concerning health and safety risks and precautions, nor undertaking their obligations to comply with authorities having jurisdiction.

COS2016043 Bosun Trapped Between Cargo on Vessel

COS2016046 Subsea Leak from Well Jumper.

COS2016055 Inadvertent Activation of Critical BOP Function Results in Subsea Release

COS2013002 Breathing Welding Gas Instead of Air *NEW Jan2019

COS2014006 Blind Skillet in Mud Gas Separator Vent Line  *NEW Jan2019

COS2014039 Stop Work Authority Used to Prevent Serious Incident  *NEW Jan2019

COS2015015 Unexpected High Pressure in Depleted Zone  *NEW Jan2019

COS2016056 Compressor Flash Fire  *NEW Jan2019

COS2016057 EDS vs ESD  *NEW Jan2019