About the Center for Offshore Safety

Mission and Objectives

The Center for Offshore Safety is designed to promote the highest level of safety for offshore drilling, completions, and operations through leadership and effective management systems addressing communication, teamwork, and independent third-party auditing and certification.

COS will achieve operational excellence by:

  • Enhancing and continuously improving industry's safety and environmental performance
  • Gaining and sustaining public confidence and trust in the oil and gas industry
  • Increasing public awareness of the industry's safety and environmental performance
  • Stimulating cooperation within industry to share best practices and learn from each other
  • Providing a platform for collaboration between industry, the government, and other stakeholders

Guiding Principles

  • COS Members demonstrate a visible commitment to safety
  • COS Members work together to create a pervasive culture of safety
  • Decision making at all levels will not compromise safety
  • Safety processes, equipment, training, and technology undergo continual improvement
  • Members share learnings and embrace industry Standards and best practices, to promote continual improvement
  • Open communication and transparency of safety information is utilized to build mutual trust among stakeholders and promote collective improvement in industry performance
  • Collaborative approaches are utilized to drive safe and responsible operations, and mutual accountability
  • Everyone is personally responsible for safety and empowered to take action

Additional Information

Contact Information

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